About Us

Due to the rapid changes within the IT industry, in training, vendor requirements, hardware & software developments, IEEE 802.a/IEEE 802.b/IEEE 802.g wireless and broadband for higher speed access, we have created Wisper Hawaii, "an ISP ". Our vision is to provide a diversity of opportunities for our technical staff, our graduating students, our clients and our community. With this vision in mind, we are able to provide that "One-Stop" capability to service and support the needs of our community in business as well as our retail clients (home users).

Wisper Hawaii will be providing internet connectivity through 56k, DSL, T1, T3, Frame-Relay and soon to come Broadband Wireless High Speed Internet Access.

We are Hawaii's only full sales and service computer company with an Internet Service and Support for all clients as we continue to serve the people of the Hawaiian Islands.

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